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My swimming blog, swimming facebook page, Amazon.com page, YouTube video page, and other useful links:

YouTube Learn to Swim with Miss Bea playlist
The 4 minute introduction of the Learn to Swim with Miss Bea dvd. Watch it for free! Other MIss Bea videos follow.

Miss Bea's Baby Swim Blog
Miss Bea's blog about swimming for infants and children. Write Miss Bea for answers about swimming gear and other concerns for children in the water.

Learn to Swim with Miss Bea page on facebook
Facebook page for the Learn to Swim with Miss Bea dvd. Like my page on facebook! Watch other videos and hear from parents.

Amazon.com Learn to Swim With Miss Bea dvd sales
Order my dvd from Amazon but I prefer if you buy it from my order tab

Start With Mom
Start With Mom, is an online directory for moms looking for information on pregnancies, babies and toddlers within their area across North America. It is about empowering and encouraging mothers to be confident in their jobs of mothering, and is every mother's resource to healthy living and natural choices for the new generation. Here mothers can be directed to information and listings, anywhere from doctors and daycares, to products and home remedies..

Swimming without Stress in the UK
I love their philosophy of learning how to swim. They have been selling my dvd in their store for 8 years.

World Aquatic Baby Congress
International baby swimming organization. I presented in St. Petersburg in 2007.

Press release on the web. Note that the contact information is out of date.

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